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Suspended Ceiling El-Toro

 295.00 560.00
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Provides more value for money by offering eco-friendly white ceilings for your living space. Benefits
  • Environment friendly
  • Low water absorption
  • Fire & heat resistant
  • Durable and value for money
  • Safe from termite attacks
  • 100% safe material
 295.00 560.00

Colorup Suspended Ceiling

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With a minimal installation cost and a fusion of design and colour, Colorup suspended ceilings will brighten up your home. Benefits
  • Washable and Fungi-resistant
  • Easy to maintain & clean
  • Firm installation system OR Not easy to dislodge unlike PVC ceilings
  • Re-paintable
  • Durable & higher strength
  • Fire resistant (A Grade)

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